Radiant Shadows by Daniela Greco on Flickr.

Love by Pensa-Art on Flickr.

Jewel by ganderson on Flickr.

Jewel by ganderson on Flickr.


Carefree mountain top girls forever

untitled by Brittney Borowski on Flickr.

uni starts next week and i have a feeling that this will be a very busy semester. since the start of this week i’ve had so much to do i seriously don’t know how to handle it all but somehow i’m not even stressed about it because i know that everything will fall into place. it always does. and i’m enjoying the rainy weather although it does make going out for a run to train for my marathon less than 3 weeks away much harder. i need to find the motivation to go and train no matter what because right now i’m only doing it when it feels good. i need to remember why i was able to go for a run in the rain, in the snow, when tired or sleepy, when busy or stressed, when simply not feeling good… 

i guess it’s normal for me to feel a bit lost right before uni starts again. i’m just hoping i’ll manage to embrace this feeling and grow from it. put things into perspective. set goals and reach them.


untitled by cassoday harder on Flickr.

Week twenty-two by Ella Ruth on Flickr.

Take me away, out of the hum of the street lights and into a forest by unescapable on Flickr.

mt ruapehu by hannah davis. on Flickr.


summer evening by big fat grey cat on Flickr.


after all
Sometimes we realize that it’s important to be more attentive and caring towards the other, which is so easy to forget. It’s good to be reminded, even in the worst ways.