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The secret garden by Once upon a time in Alex land..(Alexandra Cameron) on Flickr.

Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun by Steven Leonti on Flickr.

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Jewel by ganderson on Flickr.


Carefree mountain top girls forever

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uni starts next week and i have a feeling that this will be a very busy semester. since the start of this week i’ve had so much to do i seriously don’t know how to handle it all but somehow i’m not even stressed about it because i know that everything will fall into place. it always does. and i’m enjoying the rainy weather although it does make going out for a run to train for my marathon less than 3 weeks away much harder. i need to find the motivation to go and train no matter what because right now i’m only doing it when it feels good. i need to remember why i was able to go for a run in the rain, in the snow, when tired or sleepy, when busy or stressed, when simply not feeling good… 

i guess it’s normal for me to feel a bit lost right before uni starts again. i’m just hoping i’ll manage to embrace this feeling and grow from it. put things into perspective. set goals and reach them.