untitled by Luiza Potiens on Flickr.

depth + shadows by taren maroun on Flickr.

my week off from uni is coming to an end and it was a much needed break. i feel much better now and ready to get busy again, although i’m not looking forward to next week with all those things to do.. 

and i’m also slowly learning to travel light, trying to pack everything in a single backpack (including camera and lenses). it’s not easy and not always possible, but i think it’ll really help me in my travels.

. by Careless Edition on Flickr.

Under the night sky by Ella Ruth on Flickr.

wisteria by Sonya Khegay on Flickr.

close to home by the girl who made it on her own on Flickr.


caught in the rain by daylessday on Flickr.


untitled by Tamara Lichtenstein on Flickr.

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